Tired of getting bogged down with administrative tasks?

When you achieve the title of Chief Development Officer or Fundraising Director, balancing the responsibilities of strategically leading the development of resources and meeting ambitious fundraising targets can overwhelm even the best fundraisers.  Add in juggling numerous responsibilities while striving to lead your team towards success, all amidst the ever-present demands of organizational leadership and key stakeholders and you’ve got a recipe for burnout.

Oh! I almost forgot, you’ve inherited a Frankenstein fundraising infrastructure that has you breaking out in cold sweats when anything beyond the status quo is needed.   

No wonder professional fundraiser tenure only averages 18 months.  

Does any of this sound familiar?

Leadership struggles to understand how much work goes into that gift.

Your database is a kaleidoscope of data, comprised of inherited, inconsistent, and who-knows-what that make pulling accurate reports nearly impossible.  

You are spending way too much time on administrative work.  

You have no idea how accurate your forecast is, leading to strategic discussions and decisions based on assumptions and intentions.

You're not alone...

If you’re nodding along, feeling bogged down and stressed by the challenges of balancing time, resources, and expectations, you’re not alone. Many nonprofit leaders like yourself are grappling with these pain points, searching for a solution that can alleviate the burden and empower both themselves and their team to achieve greater fundraising success.

Fearless Philanthropi was created because I have been in your shoes and developed a systems based solution that puts fundraising back on track.  


Revenue Revolutionaries Cohort

Next Cohort Starting May 21!

Join a cohort of other chief fundraisers who are looking for a better way to balance the time, resources and expectations that come with title of “Chief”.

You will learn the secrets of high performing fundraising teams and develop your own bespoke system to elevate the sophistication of your team.  Expect to reduce your administrative load, identify meaningful KPIs, expand fundraising capacity and improve the accuracy of your forecasts.

This is for you if you:

  • Struggle getting your board or leadership to understand the work that goes into that gift
  • Know a Capital Campaign is in your future
  • Dread your next strategic planning session 
Seminars & Webinars (coming soon)

Are you looking to brush up on fundraising best practices?  Or learn how to stop the struggle with finance reconciliation? Or maybe get your portfolio from meh to yeah! 

Catered to fundraisers at all levels and roles, these group seminars are offered throughout the year. 

Fundraising Optimization

This is for nonprofit development departments that struggle to reconcile with finance, pull accurate reports,  lack the ability to develop accurate forecasts, and just lack cohesive and strategic development operations.

I work directly with the Chief Development Officer and their team to build a bespoke system based on industry best practices and their existing resources to give them the tools to optimize their development operations.